Joceline Brooke-Hamilton
Working Rules and Guidelines

Please take a moment to read through my working guidelines before contacting me - I hope to hear from you soon

I charge the following rates for all my work, inclusive of signing a model release and almost always inclusive of travel

£60 per hour
£225 per half day
£325 per day
£1000 per week

Because of the varying exchange rate I don't publish my fees in any other currency, but you're welcome to contact me for my current rate in Euros etc.

Occasionally I may be persuaded to work for a lower rate, if you're temporarily unemployed, a pensioner with low funds, or if the work is being considered by a major publication. I never, ever work for free

If my rate is beyond you, you might want to consider teaming up with another photographer and sharing your session. This cuts the price to you by 50%, and can make for an energetic shoot!
Joceline Brooke-Hamilton
Main Image © Scott Hill